Monday Muse

Oh, muse. Why do you elude me?
I search and pursue and seek to find your favor.
Why do you toy with me so?
I surround myself with your favorite things:
A candle, a book, sweet flowers and time.
So why do you tarry and not draw near?

I have given up chasing the muse. Waiting for that mythical spirit to visit me and infuse my soul with inspiration. I have caught glimpses of him. I thought one time I knew he had some word for me. Some idea I could have if just I would be true and search after him. But all my time was spent in wandering. Not in the writing.

So, I gave up. I sit here and write my words daily. I work at what I think I should say. What I can say to amuse, and possibly bemuse, myself and others. But it is work and not some inspired trance. I stay true to what I believe I am to do. I write my story. And then I put it aside to be picked up again the next day. It is every day. It is a discipline.

And in writing, in my day, whom do you think I should meet? The Muse! He comes to me. Tentatively at first. He is not sure that I want him there, as I have not called him out. He is watching me. Interested that I have gone on without him. Not willing to play his foolish games of hide and seek.

Sitting in the corner, trying to get my attention, he waits for me to pause so that he can help. So that he can offer the word, the phrase, the new twist. That he doesn’t feel pursued keeps him close at hand.

He seldom speaks beyond the story, but when he does, he commends me for figuring him out, for trapping him by not seeking him. And for that, he is mine and at my disposal as long as I remember the rules. To listen to what he says, write it down, and then get back to work. And to keep writing, each day, whether the Muse shows up or not.

What about you? Are you chasing the Muse? How do you work in light of or in absence of inspiration?


10 comments on “Monday Muse

  1. Author Kristen Lamb says:

    I work whether he visits or not. He is kind of like the cat. He only shows up when I am focused on something else, :).

  2. amyshojai says:

    I love this–it actually made me a bit misty. Yep, as Kristen says, the muse like a cat plays games with us and keeps us guessing.

  3. Great post. From time to time, I fall into the trap of waiting for the muse. But of course, like all relationships, you have to put in the quantity time to get the quality stuff. so thanks for reminding me to get back to the keyboard and write!

    And thanks for the blogroll listing!

  4. Pamela Mason says:

    Ah…so That’s what to do to get the Muse to reveal himself! I think someone named her Discipline. When Muse sees Discipline making herself at home in my writing life, he becomes jealous and tries to one-up her offerings.
    The strategy that works for me.

    Beautiful Blog! And thank you for including me on your blogroll. I hope you visit sometime!

  5. Tammy Taylor says:

    I typically have a person or a captured audience in mind when I’m writing. That tends to help me move along in the process.

    • Now I’m envisioning a captured audience. I have them bound in ropes sitting on my back porch waiting for my story. 🙂

      • Tammy Taylor says:

        You’re funny! Yes, I meant captured, even though it may sound funny. It’s a way of tricking my mind to think that of course there are people who love to read my writing and they’re “captured” by my every word. Here again, that my writing can “capture” an experience so vividly that my audience is left wanting more. Hope that makes more sense.

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