Performance Napping

This week’s post is brief as I am busy preparing for our annual party celebrating the most exciting two minutes in sports that takes place Saturday.

I pulled this little gem out of my blog ideas folder and thought you might enjoy it. It is an intriguing article from PsyBlog on the connection between mind and body. Specifically, how certain postures can enhance performance.

Among the 10 recommended activities were smiling to boost happiness (really, they studied this stuff), gesturing to enhance learning, and mimicking to increase empathy.

However, I had three favorites….

The first is crossing arms for persistence. Apparently, if you are stuck on a problem and persistence is required, crossing your arms will help. I’ll have to add that to my list of tips when I’m stuck in the middle of my next project. Of course, I find that crossing my arms (and raising my eyebrows) provides my husband and children the persistence they need to finish their chores. Amazing how this stuff works, isn’t it?

If crossing your arms fails, you can lie down. Test subjects trying to solve anagrams were able to solve them faster in a prone position. That’s because lying down increases insight and creative problem solving. Maybe that is why all my best ideas are when I’m asleep. Which leads me to my favorite…napping.

Yes, if lying down doesn’t work, taking a brief nap should. According to the article, “for increased cognitive performance, vigour and wakefulness, the best naps were 10 minutes long.” This is golden information for me. I LOVE naps and would take one every day if I could. And now that I know they boost performance, I can move them out of the “guilty pleasure” category to “work process”.

Now, for a brief nap while the sausage balls bake and then back to party prep.


4 comments on “Performance Napping

  1. The best news I’ve had all week is I can take a ten minute nap without guilt. Thanks.

  2. Fun post 🙂 I LOVE the Derby. I’ve grown up at the tracks – doggies and horsies. We actually rescued a greyhound from the race track in Juarez once….she was the BEST dog. Do you plan to wear a hat?

    • Michele Blaker says:

      Of course I’m wearing a hat!!! I bought it in New Orleans last fall just for the occasion.

      And we are on our second rescued greyhound. 🙂


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