A Few of My Favorite Things

There are no dogs biting or bees stinging, but today I am appreciating a few of my favorite things. I thought I’d share them with you to get you thinking about your favorite things or to give you an idea for something new. I hope to put this post out on most Fridays as “My Favorite Things Fridays”, so check back from time to time if you aren’t a subscriber.

First, after 45 years, I have a chair in my bedroom. A chair and an ottoman, that is. A place where I can sit and work (I’m typing this on my laptop in my chair right now). Or knit. Or read. Or watch TV (although not often). I never realized I wanted a chair in my bedroom until we bought this house and had the room and nowhere to put this chair. It is perfect and provides a corner sanctuary where I find peace and comfort. I can look out over the trees and drink my morning coffee and find inspiration. Ahhh. Can you hear the birds?

I mention knitting and my current favorite things in that category are Indulgence self-striping sock yarn with aloe and Harmony double pointed knitting needles. First, the yarn. Made in Italy, the Merino wool/nylon blend is amazingly soft in the hand and a joy to knit. I’m working on my second pair of socks and it knits up just wonderfully. I buy my stash at local yarn shop The Shabby Sheep. Rhonda and crew in Uptown are great to work with, providing tips and helping find just the right yarn for my knitting projects. Their website isn’t fully functional with products, but I find the best way to buy yarn is to go feel it anyway.

My favorite sock needles are Harmony double pointed and I got mine from Knit Picks online. They slide easily through the yarn, but they aren’t so slippery that I drop stitches. As I am not an expert knitter, that is good for me. And they are pretty, too. Check them out.

When I’m not drinking coffee in the morning, I have found I love Tazo Chai organic black tea bags. I love chai tea, but when I buy it premixed or at a coffee shop it is heavy with sugar and high fat cream. Yes, that is decadent, but my cholesterol and rising blood sugars aren’t so fond of it. So, I buy the bags and mix mine with fat free half and half  (and no, I don’t want to know how they make that) and sweeten it with Splenda. I find it a nice alternative that is a bit better for me than the full calorie deal. The rich spices of the black tea have an immediate calming effect for me.

I’ll be back in the future with a few more of my favorite things. Next time, focusing on technology. I have loaded my iPad with some apps I love and I’ll share my favorites with you.

In the meantime, what are some of the simple pleasures in your life that bring you joy? Or favorite things that you can’t imagine parting with?


3 comments on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. I was going to post my 7 favorite things today on my Friday FabOoolous post, but I pushed it to May 27th so I could do a Boo Factor since it’s Friday the 13th and all!

    For now, I’ll give you a sneak peak since you asked and all – I love my Mr. Coffee Tea Maker!

  2. I like to sit on the back porch in my rocking chair watching the dogs and cats play, the trees blow in the wind, listen to the sounds of the neighborhood and take deep breaths of fresh air.

  3. We put chairs in the bedroom when we moved to this house four years ago, and there is nowhere else I’d rather read or write!

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