Confessions of a Quitter Starter

Unfinished knitting projects

(Partial) stash for future projects

I have a confession. I am really good at starting things. Really good. Strategy and planning and getting the ball rolling are my strengths. Finishing? Not so much.

Just look at my knitting projects. I have one and a half socks, two partial sweaters, one partial poncho, two barely begun scarves, and a baby blanket in need of the finishing edges. And I don’t even have a baby in my life!

And these projects don’t take into account the ones I am planning. My stash of yarn and patterns that I have been hiding from my family in boxes in my office? Maybe I have been hiding them from myself.

The problem is these half-finished projects nag at me and deplete me of energy and probably add to my being Stuck in the Middle of my writing. I simply have run out of energy.

So how do I get more energy? Start something new, of course. See the vicious cycle? But no more. I am clearing some of this backlog of projects off of my list — while continuing to write. It’s no fun just wearing one sock, after all. So I will finish it by next Thursday. And that poncho will be really cute around Halloween.

I’m excited about having a new plan. One that includes deadlines for projects other than my writing. There is power and energy in finishing, too. And I’m tapping into it. Finishing…. now.

What are you good at starting? Are there unfinished projects pulling you down? Or if you are really good at finishing, what are some tips for us starters?


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