Stalking Lion

When Apple announced months ago that a new desktop operating system (Lion) was coming out and that it would work well with the IOS5 iPhone system AND play well with Apple’s new iCloud all for the low, low price of $29.99 for ALL of my computers, I knew I would get it.

However, from past experience I also knew how painful upgrades could be. Being on the cutting edge means you bleed. Sometimes a lot. So, I drag my feet a little longer these days.

Mostly, I wasn’t sure how Lion would affect my other computer programs. Once I read enough forum posts saying that my version of Microsoft Office (2008) would still work and my writing software Scrivener had created a update to work with Lion, I was ready.

First, I downloaded and installed it on my son’s laptop. Smooth sailing. Then mine — piece of cake. Then kid’s desktop and my desktop — brakes skidding hard. Apparently we didn’t have enough RAM to handle the system. It requires 2Gig and both desktops only had 1. So, a quick order from Other World Computing, two easy installs and I was on my way to having four Lions in my house. Yay!

All that took place this weekend, as we also upgraded our phones to the 4S and the kids got our hand-me-downs.  I haven’t had time to try out all the bells and whistles, but I do already use and love Launch Pad. With three fingers and my thumb pinching together across my touchpad, all my Applications are brought up on the screen. I LOVE being able to easily and quickly open an App that is buried in my folder. Plus, I finally am seeing the benefit of multiple desktops, or Spaces and those areas are easily accessed through Mission Control. I could explain it, but Dave Caolo at Tuaw does it better.

I’ll play with it more later, including figuring out the iCloud. But for now, I must get to work. All systems are go and so far, no major issues with my software.

Are you a Mac user? Have you made the switch to Lion? Own an iPhone and upgraded to ios5? What do you think? Are things working well or are you about to give it all up and go back to pen and paper and pay phones?


2 comments on “Stalking Lion

  1. I can see your pride in Lions (sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun). I use a Mac in the day job, but as a low-end PC user in the real world I have no idea of the operating system. Plus I can’t find my way around the stuff I need to use…. I wish the dreaded Microsoft were less upgrade-prone, as I have three machines in the house all running different systems and refusing to talk to one another. Four, if oyu count my Windows Phone. But no one does, it seems.

    Incidentally, what does Scrivener do for you that Word can’t? I rarely use specific software for writing, the only exception being using CelX for screenwriting because of the formatting issues (too much of a numpty to really use Word properly….)

    • Damian,
      I am with you on Microsoft updates. They are beyond frustrating!
      Scrivener isn’t so much a document creation software as it is writing software, including templates for screenplays. It allows you to create characters, notes, compile research and develop background all outside of the actual piece of writing. Pretty handy. Within the writing, you can create scenes on index cards and see them in a cork board layout, good for storyboarding and easily moved around. Writing can be moved around easily too. And there is great search features so if you need to change all the references to Character A, you can do that easily.
      It is more powerful than I am aware. I know that I only use it to about 50% of its abilities. They have a free trial so I encourage you to try it out. There is a version for Windows now. (Yes, it was developed as Mac only software but became available for Windows last year.)
      The company that created it is Literature and Latte,
      Happy Writing,

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