Seeing Double (Knit)



Seeing double? Yes. This is a repost after my broken link today. But also double, because these are similar pictures of my current knitting project that has taught me two valuable lessons.

Although the pictures look the same, they are the front and back of the double knit scarf I am making. Double knit means that I am knitting both sides of the piece at the same time and it gives me finished sides no matter how it is seen. Pretty cool.

But this is my first time at double knitting and I have learned that first, I must let go of my perfectionist tendencies or I will never have a scarf, because perfect doesn’t finish. Second, I must trust the pattern, even if it takes a long time to see it working.

To the first point, I tried several cast on techniques and knit several rows of this scarf four times before I got exactly the color repeat and tension I wanted. At the point in the scarf pictured here, I have repeated the pattern three times and I have several mistakes within the first couple of rows. There are not only places where I purled when I should have knit (leaving little bumps showing when it should be smooth “Vs” of knit stitches), but there are also a few places where I have knit the wrong pattern sequence, leaving my blues and grays a bit out of alignment. The perfectionist in me wants to rip this out and start again. The part of me that is working on a “good enough” strategy that actually gets things done is going to win out on this one. (If it were a gift for someone, I would probably start again.)

Then there is the lesson of trusting the pattern. (I picked up this pattern on Ravelry but it can be found directly from Jessica’s Tumblr site  here if you don’t have a Ravelry account. She even posted a video for me to help me with a question.) Since this was my first time following a knitting chart, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. The little block of colored squares was less than informative as to how it would really work out. Sure I had seen a finished product, but I still didn’t understand how to work this pattern. Or what it would really look like once I got into it.

Since I was struggling with my cast ons and figuring out the whole knit/purl sequence of double knitting, I had no confidence that this would look like any kind of pattern. It took working through a complete cycle to see the pattern emerge and then two more to get confidence in knitting it.

So… letting something be good enough and trusting the pattern seem like pretty good lessons. And maybe they are good lessons for more than knitting. What do you think?


3 comments on “Seeing Double (Knit)

  1. is there a good video out there to explain the whole double knitting thing? it scares/fascinates me…kind of like weaving…

  2. Jenny Hansen says:

    I soooo don’t know how to do this so I’m gonna go watch the YouTube videos!!!

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