God is a creative being and I am created in the image of God, therefore I am a creative being.

My entire life I have yearned to create. Whether it be through writing, music, art, scrapbooks, photography or knitting, I am forever on a journey of creation. Since 2011, my creative outlet has been in making leaded glass. With the recent addition of a glass kiln in my studio, I hope to add fused creations to my portfolio. You can see some of what I am doing under at my Grojean Glass Studio FaceBook page.

The rest of my creative endeavors are periodically written about in my Blog. Mostly, I will blog about knitting, photography and reading.

Knitting is therapeutic. I love the feel of soft yarn in my hands and the repetitive motion of the needles through the yarn. I choose simple socks, shawls, scarves and other patterns that don’t require a lot of focus so that I can get lost in the process of knitting. I have yet to find socks as wonderful as the ones I knit for myself. My big feet don’t have many options out there in the pre-made sock world.

I am currently rediscovering photography. I have a Canon EOS Rebel XT and love it for its intuitive menu and controls. I am trying to move out of automatic mode and into manual. I am striving to develop an eye for composition. It is an art in itself and I believe that with practice I will develop my own style. Taking photos of glass is a challenge and so far, my iPhone has been my best and easiest camera for that. I am learning how to best use the Canon for taking those pictures.

As for writing, my past professional life was in communications, helping businesses prepare messaging to  their employees and customers. For myself, I am working on a novel, but it has taken a back seat to my glass for the past year. To keep the writing juices flowing, I keep reading.

Through this site, I hope to share what I am creating and learning along the way. And maybe someone else will be inspired to do a little creating of their own.


4 comments on “About

  1. Michele,
    Your blog looks really nice. I like the layout. It is easy to read and navigate through. Best of luck and I have found that blogs usually teach the writer as much as the reader.

  2. curiocat says:

    Hey there. I’ve sent you the Versatile Blogger award. I hope you don’t mind. This is the link: http://wp.me/pJqgY-lU. Thanks for giving great blog. Congrats! Angela/Curiocat.

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